The collection has a strong British emphasis but also features Italian, German, Swedish, French, and Japanese cars, from rare cars with very limited production to iconic mass produced cars designed to be accessible and used daily by anyone. The majority of the cars in the collection are running, driving examples and are generally very good, but not perfect examples of the marque and model. In addition to the running cars, there are a number of current projects in the process of active restoration, as well as a few awaiting their turn. Amassed by Alex and Amy Haugland and based in Eugene, Oregon, The Haugland Car Collection consists of over 140 vehicles and is a rapidly growing private collection of foreign classic and exotic automobiles with a broad-ranging eclectic mix of sporty, iconic, and unique cars. The collection is not open to the public for general viewing, but all the cars are driven often and frequently shown at events and museums throughout the area.