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This car collection is private and not generally available for tours. Exceptions may be made for  car clubs and other similar groups depending on schedule and availability. 

In addition, none of theses vehicles are for sale and all inquiries to purchase any of the vehicles will be ignored.

Otherwise, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by fillin gout this form.


Alex and Amy Haugland


Are any of these cars for sale?

No.  This is a private car collection which is being shared online for the enjoyment of others and not to market any of these cars.  As I’m fond of saying, I’m very good at buying but bad at selling.  That’s how I’ve ended up with the number of cars I have.  On the very rare occasion in which I put a car for sale, I do it through the Sports Car Shop here in Eugene, Oregon and the car will be in their showroom or on their website.

Can I arrange a tour?

Generally the collection is currently closed to the public. I have made exceptions for car clubs of similar interest and other organizations if the schedule works out and I have sufficient notice.   The collection is not all housed in one location which somewhat limits the touring options as well and it is not currently possible to see the entire collection as a whole.  In addition there may be occasional events with a selection of the cars are made available for the public, often for car shows and charity events.  If something like this is happening, I’ll post details about it on Instagram.

Are you interested in buying my car?

That’s can be a pretty hard question to answer.  Generally, the answer is likely no.  Space is often the biggest limiting factor in my collection and due to that I’ve had to become more selective about what cars I purchase.  I also have a range of restoration projects in process and in the queue for future restorations, so I am not buying anything that needs any significant work.  I also won’t buy anything I can’t personally inspect ahead of time.  If you’re relatively local to me and have something foreign, classic, unusual, and not already represented in my collection, you can ask, but otherwise the answer is almost certainly no.